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The guy in addition to first started a romantic relationship that have Jinora

The guy in addition to first started a romantic relationship that have Jinora

174 AG

Top the help save party on the brand new caverns, Kai is reunited having an effective treated Jinora, whom eagerly hugged him. The guy exited this new caverns and saw Korra’s struggle with Zaheer. As she was suffering from assaulting both poison coursing because of their blood vessels and also the Reddish Lotus’ commander, the guy offered to fly-up toward their bison to greatly help the girl, though their suggestion are try down of the Lin, just who stated that he’d not be able to keep pace with Zaheer’s stamina. Through to Jinora’s like, he additionally the almost every other airbenders accompanied the woman in order to create a group and you can along with her it bent an effective tornado, and this permitted Korra to bring Zaheer down.

14 days later, Kai got returned that have men to Sky Forehead Area in which he are introduce during the Jinora’s anointment ceremony given that a keen airbending master. Through to Tenzin’s sign, he therefore the most other new airbenders curved this new incense in it and made use of the fragrant sky so you can jingle the brand new cinch chimes inside the award of this new grasp. [8]

Enabling Yi

Over the next 36 months, Kai caused the atmosphere Country to take peace and you can safeguards in which they were needed in the new disorderly Environment Kingdom. 1 day inside the 174 AG, he and you may Opal have been purchased because of the Tenzin to aid from the condition out-of Yi. As they attained the nation’s resource area with the Lefty, it noticed a robbery was at progress. Without hesitation, Kai and Opal jumped from the bison and leaped off, along with their wingsuits. Kai effortlessly bypassed the newest bandits’ jeep and you may flipped it more than by the setting out a strong gust from sky during the hood, ejecting the 3 people. Shortly after Opal made sure the fresh new bandits landed properly, Kai tied them up-and launched towards townspeople which is actually secure to go away their houses as airbenders were there to safeguard him or her wyszukiwanie cybermen. In the event that governor of the state welcomed them and you can questioned where the others had been, Kai got offense and reported that Opal and you may himself efficiently got proper care of around three bandits already, in order to find out there were hundreds a great deal more.

Up on observing the fresh arrival of a subway towards the urban area, Kai and Opal checked it, in hopes the automobile carried food and almost every other offers. Taking Bolin one of the people who embarked the teach, Kai asked Opal just what the woman boyfriend try starting truth be told there, acquiring the answer that he should have traveled around that have Kuvira and Baatar Jr., which predict nothing an excellent. Kai titled over to Bolin, running over to your and hugging your firmly. Observing his buddy’s the brand new hairstyle, Kai remarked they made him look like a hard. Although not, once Kuvira, Baatar Jr., and you can Opal registered her or him, air increased embarrassing and you may stressful and Kai distanced themselves an effective section on group.

Whenever you are Kuvira in addition to governor had a private dialogue, Kai remained additional which have Opal and you can Bolin, even when when Kuvira provided the newest purchases having deviation just after neglecting to strike an accept the newest governor, Kai asked whenever they very weren’t staying to help. In reaction, he had been passed the fresh new contract who has Kuvira’s regards to contract and you will told he had one day in order to persuade new governor in order to signal it before the military left. Because show remaining into the condition edging, Kai advised to utilize Lefty so you can travel to any or all close villages to get supplies for many.

Kai and you may Opal were able to assemble adequate provides towards folks of the capital to pass through her or him up until these people were able discover reinforcements. To their journey back, he asked how Opal and Bolin had been performing. When she told you she is angered from the him coping with Kuvira, he realized that it performed appear that earthbender had discover his getting in touch with as he liked providing someone. Up on are asked about his or her own experience of Jinora, he said these were performing okay, even in the event the dialogue was clipped brief whenever a great biplane, piloted from the bandits, addicted its offers by the aiming a grappling firearm at internet covering the dinner. As one of the bandits ziplined as a result of release brand new tethers tying the merchandise so you’re able to Lefty’s right back, Kai made an effort to move him of the blasting him from the bison. Although not, the fresh new bandit’s protection line averted him out of losing and the a few involved with a combat, when Kai try lightly slash by people’s blade. As provides was indeed elevated off Lefty, the students airbender popped once them instead concern, even if plummeted on the a floor considering the ruin inflicted in order to ideal wing off his wingsuit. He had been in a position to balance themselves when Opal took their arm and you can served while the his side, providing these to home safely into the Lefty.



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